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Time for some kinky webcam sex, for those of you who are looking for online roleplay, either submissive or dominant, or maybe you are looking for a kinky fetish or have a perverted fantasy you want to explore.


Dungeon Video Chat, is our favorite site for BDSM webcams and fetish desires, if you have a certain fetish, doesn’t matter what your fetish is daddy daughter roleplay, cuckolding, bondage, etc. You definitely can get your satisfaction here! Actually, Dungeon Video Chat is the dungeon and fetish section of CamContacts, but since fetish and BDSM webcams, in general, are really popular, broad, and sometimes even complicated, we decided to review Dungeon Video Chat so we can give you an inside look in the world of the many fetishes and BDSM dungeons.

Site Layout & Navigation

Dungeon Video Chat also has that typical CamContacts layout, and the homepage gives you a few seconds to understand the site you are about to enter. The layout does look kinda dungeon, dark and exciting. The top navigation bar is basically the same as the CamContacts navigation bar, so you can easily browse the whole site using it. If you are already a CamContacts member, your login data will do at Dungeon Video Chat too, if you are not a member yet, you can sign up for a free lifetime membership for full access. Sign up for free here!

Webcam girls from daddy daughter roleplay to cuckolding

At the time of this review I counted over 100 fetishes en BDSM webcam girls online, and with more than 7000 registered mistresses, slaves, and fetish girls, Dungeon Video Chat is the biggest and best place to find online fetish and BDSM webcam girls. The categories are girl/girl hardcore, fetish, escort/massage, and dungeon. The fetish and the dungeon category are the most crowded and in these 2 categories, you will probably find whatever fetish you are looking for. From live daddy-daughter roleplay to cuckolding,? live strict mistresses, femdom, submissive slaves, torture, extremely long nails, sissification, maid training, humiliation, forced feminization, CBT, ATM, bondage, chains, suffocation, facesitting, clamps, ropes, (fake) blood, etc… you can all find it at 24/7 at Dungeon Video Chat

Webcam Quality & Special Features

Generally speaking the webcam quality at Dungeon Video Chat is excellent, just like CamContacts. We advise you to browse the profiles and pay attention to the user rating. That is the best way to learn more about a certain girl. A BDSM webcam mistress with a 5.0-star user rating is probably a better choice than a webcam mistress with a 1.0-star user rating. Also, the CamContacts forum is a perfect way to ask other members about certain fetish/BDSM issues. Sound and high-quality webcams are available of course.

Pricing information:

Pricing at Dungeon Video Chat is just like everything else also related to CamContacts, meaning prices are cheap! You will be able to find your fetish webcam girls and high-quality BDSM webcam girls, dominant or submissive for only $0.99 per minute, but not all webcam girls are that cheap. Nevertheless, the average price at Dungeon Video Chat is about $1,39 per minute and that’s great! Sometimes even the kinkiest and nastiest girls ask for ridiculous cheap rates 🙂


If you are looking for fetish webcam girls or BDSM webcam girls, there is only one site you should visit and join and that is Dungeon Video Chat. Although we have seen BDSM and fetish webcam girls at other sites, both quantity and quality, not to mention the price is much better at Dungeon Video Chat. Even if you have a very rare fetish, and you have already unsuccessfully visited other webcam sites for webcam girls that share that rare fetish, there is a really good chance that you will succeed at Dungeon Video Chat, it’s one kinky fetish BDSM webcam paradise!